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5 Most Loved Dogs for Apartment Living

Have you ever wanted to have a pet companion for your family but wondered how your living situation can influence it? Pet ownership actually has numerous components that factor in its success, including your living space and living conditions. 

For apartment dwellers, pet ownership may feel a bit challenging and daunting, especially with the limited space that they can offer their pets to move around in. This is why a lot of pet parents who live in condominiums and apartments favor some breeds over the rest to ensure that they can offer their pets happier and healthier lives even with their limited apartment space.

In this article, we’ll talk about five of the most loved dog breeds for apartment living and why they’re considered the best.

  • Moodle

Known for their almost doll-like features, moodle dog puppies are a favorite because of their “forever puppy” appearances. From their expressive eyes and pocket-sized builts, moodles make great family companions, even families who have very young children. Moodles are popular for their well-meaning characteristics and kind affection. They’re big lap dogs and will appreciate cuddle time with their pet parents.

In addition, noodles were bred specifically to provide families with hypoallergenic dog breeds. They rarely shed and will typically just require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy. This might be an extra useful characteristic since this means that apartment dwellers wouldn’t need to worry too much about excessive shedding in confined spaces.

  • French Bulldog

Regarded as an effortless charmer, the French Bulldog is a beautiful dog breed that’s easily distinguishable from other bulldog breeds because of its bat-like, erect ears and small stature. They are affectionate, charming, and intelligent, which makes them a great companion breed for families or individuals looking for long-lasting companionship with an irresistible dog breed. 

What makes them great for apartment living, though, is that they require fewer amounts of exercise than large-breed or even medium-breed dogs. You won’t have to worry about not having a large yard or a large house area to help them stretch their legs, since they’ll be able to move around freely even in limited spaces. However, know that this breed still requires a decent amount of exercise so you’ll still need to take them on daily walks to help them expend their energy.

  • Pug

One of the favorite outgoing breeds, pugs are well-known for their brachycephalic features, and monotonous coat colors. But while they are beautiful in their own right, what makes them a winner in a lot of people’s hearts is that pugs are big people-lovers. They offer unmatched loyalty and friendship regardless of your lifestyle, age, or living situation. This is why they’re considered a top choice for apartment dwellers – because they’re highly adaptable and are willing to adjust depending on their owners.

  • Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a dog breed that’s probably best known for its lack of fur, with hair only growing on its head and tail. Why does the Chinese Crested rank as one of the best dog breeds for people living in apartments? It probably all boils down to its size, temperament, and exercise needs. Chinese crested dogs only grow to a maximum of 13 inches, making them almost pocket-size. They’re hypoallergenic and have relatively calm personalities, so they make good pets for families who live in houses without yards or apartments. You also won’t have to worry about the Chinese Crested barking up a storm since they actually have very low noise levels.

  • Boston Terrier

Another small dog breed, the Boston Terrier is well-known for its relatively low exercise needs. Unlike other dogs, Boston Terriers thrive well in small spaces since they can move around easily because of their miniature size. They’re also easy to take care of when it comes to food requirements and grooming. All you need to do is to take them or regular walks every day and they’ll be more than happy to just lounge around your apartment for the remainder of the day.

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