Argyle Pink Diamonds – Are They a Good Investment?

Inflation-protecting qualities and a limited supply of the Argyle mine are three main reasons that argyle pink diamonds are an excellent investment. In addition to their high price, these diamonds can be stored and worn for years. Because the supply is so limited, you can benefit from a significant gain in value. Let’s look at these three reasons and their importance to investors. This article will help you decide if argyle pink diamonds are an investment for you.

Argyle mine

The argyle pink diamonds investment mine, located in Western Australia, is the source of a rare and highly valuable gem. Despite its limited supply, the gem is a great investment for long-term growth. The mine will shut down by 2021, limiting its supply and causing a dramatic increase in its price. As such, investors should not let their emotions get in the way of their investment decision. While a skeptic may question the value of such a gem, many will still be drawn to the opportunity.

Argyle Diamonds are the most valuable luxury export from Australia. Although the majority of their production is natural, there is only a small number that are classified as pink diamonds. These diamonds are sold to a select group of VIP buyers. Because the number of Argyle diamonds is so small, only a small percentage will ever reach the market. This means that it’s a great investment opportunity for the long-term, because it will only become more rare and expensive in the future.

Argyle’s limited supply

The Argyle mine produces a very limited quantity of pink diamonds. Just 0.13% of the world’s rough diamond production comes from the mine. To put that into perspective, a full year’s supply of cut and polished pink stones would fit in a Champagne flute. So how do pink diamonds get to the market? A few key things should be considered. The limited supply of pink diamonds is one of the main reasons why these diamonds are so sought after.

Argyle pink diamonds can vary in color, which makes them more expensive than other pink diamonds. As a result, you should consider how much you’d like to spend on a pink diamond. The rarest pink diamonds can cost more than the average pink diamond. Despite their scarcity, pink diamonds are the most popular and sought-after fancy color. The purity of a diamond determines how much it costs, so the higher the color purity, the more expensive the stone.

Argyle’s popularity

Investing in Argyle pink diamonds has become popular among investors and collectors around the world. These diamonds are sold at a Tender, where potential buyers are invited to view and bid on the diamonds. The Tender is considered to be the most exclusive diamond sale, with pricing kept secret. Successful buyers know the price of the diamonds that they buy. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in Argyle pink diamonds, here are some tips that can help you become a successful buyer.

First, look for the Argyle certificate. This certification is difficult to come by, which is why buyers are willing to pay a premium for it. Second, look for Argyle pink diamonds that have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If you are looking for an investment that will be safe, the Argyle certificate will guarantee its origin. The GIA performs origin verification on each diamond before it is sold.

Average retail mark-up of argyle pink diamonds

In general, Argyle Pink Diamond Investment cost more than regular pink diamonds. This is due to the diamonds’ complex molecular structure. The process of establishing the unique pink color of Argyle pink diamonds is a highly complex one and requires a high degree of expertise. Additionally, Argyle pink diamonds can cost up to three times as much as regular pink diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds can command prices of up to $100000 for a one-carat stone. Currently, around ninety percent of the world’s supply is produced by the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. The Argyle Mine is renowned worldwide and produces approximately 99% of all pink diamonds. Pink diamonds were traditionally found in India, South Africa, Canada, Russia, and Brazil.


Argyle mine produces approximately one pink diamond for every million carats of rough diamonds. This means that every million carats of Argyle diamonds produced, only one carat of pink diamonds are available for sale. Moreover, only forty to fifty carats are sold at Argyle auctions each year. However, it’s important to note that the market for pink diamonds is highly competitive, with a significant number of diamond auctions held every year.

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