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Buying a Rottweiler As a Pet

The Rottweiler is a large, medium-sized dog breed. Originally, this breed of dog was used for livestock herding, pulling carts with butchered meat to the market, and hunting. This type of dog breed is now popular as a pet and as a working dog. These dogs make excellent watchdogs and can be very protective of their masters. They are also great watchdogs.

The body type of the Rottweiler is medium-sized. It stands at around 61-69 cm at the withers. It is very loyal and fearless, making it an excellent pet for the family. This breed is also highly sociable and loves to please its owners. It is a great companion for families, as it does not need a lot of attention. It is the perfect companion for active people. If you’re considering a Rottweiler as a pet, here are some things to consider.

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The first and most important thing to look for in a Rottweiler’s appearance is the undercoat. The undercoat is thick and is located on the neck and thighs. The coat needs to be brushed weekly or more often depending on the weather. The dog sheds moderately all year-around, and they shed only in the spring and fall. There are several common health problems associated with this breed, including hip dysplasia and even cancer. For this reason, it is important to regularly bring your Rottweiler in for periodic heart and elbow examinations and other routine tests.

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