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Choosing the right dog transport cage when flying with your pet

Travelling is fun and exciting, but what if your travel plans include flying with your dog? Many airlines won’t allow you to do so, but even if they do, they will usually have strict requirements for what kind of dog transport cages they will allow. Therefore, you must purchase a suitable carrier for your pet beforehand. Remember, it should not be a last-minute purchase; your dog will need ample time to adapt to its new temporary environment. So better you buy it at least a couple of weeks before you are supposed to travel and make your dog comfortable with it. Besides this, here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to take your pet on an aeroplane. Continue reading!

Make sure the airline allows dogs on board

Some airlines do not allow passengers to take pets on board unless they put them below in the baggage compartment. An important thing to note is that baggage compartments are not pressurized as the cabinets are neither temperature controlled. Plus, baggage handlers are not concerned about your dog’s comfort and safety, so your dearest pet may have to experience very rough handling by baggage handlers. So better you choose an airline that allows you to stow your dog’s cage under your seat on board with you.

Always choose airline-approved dog carriers

It is not just airline-approved dog carriers you must be careful of. Do cross-check with your particular airline to see what kind of dog cages or carriers they will accept as adequate to avoid last-minute unease.

Different types of dog transport cages

When choosing a pet carrier, the first decision is whether the carrier should be hard-sided or soft-sided. If you have a small dog, it can typically fit in a carrier that will slide beneath the seat in front of you on the plane. That means a soft-sided carrier can work best for it. In contrast, medium to large size pets are difficult to be seated beneath the seat, which means you need a hard-sided carrier for your dog. Hence, you can choose the carrier based on your pet’s size.

Here are two different types of pet cages you can consider:

Enclosed hard-sided pet cages

These are often the only pet carriers most airlines approve. As the name suggests, these carriers are enclosed by hard plastic sides and ventilated on three sides. The front side of the cage is a spring-loaded metal grid with bars allowing your pet to see outside and for you to see inside. These cages are available in various sizes and generally come with a handle on top so you can easily carry them along. While buying an enclosed hard-sided pet carrier, make sure you buy the one that is large enough for your pet to stand up and turn completely around in it; otherwise, your pet may dislike it.

Soft-sided carriers

Soft-sided carriers are more like a purse instead of dog transport cages. These are becoming popular among people who own tiny dogs and love carrying them around wherever they do. These soft-sided carriers are not entirely enclosed; your pet can sit inside them with their head sticking out from the top. This is the easiest and the most comfortable way of carrying your pet; however, they are generally not approved by airlines. You can buy this type of dog carrier if you are buying one for taking your pampered pet in a car, a friend’s place or wherever you go.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and it will help you find a perfect dog carrier for your needs.

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