Eye Problems in Siberian Husky Dogs

Despite their name, the Siberian Husky doesn’t bark much. Their moans, however, are a form of communication. While it isn’t a sign of aggressiveness, the sounds they make can alert you to danger. The Siberian Husky likes to howl to greet you and other people. This type of howling may sound frightening at first, but it is actually a very natural response. The dog will eventually learn to stop howling on command. You should reinforce the command with a treat.

The Siberian Husky’s eye is made of a clear layer called the cornea. But a rare genetic condition called corneal dystrophy can lead to minor vision obstruction. More severe cases may cause complete blindness, and surgery is required to correct this problem. Although it’s a rare genetic defect, it can be corrected surgically. It can be painful for a dog to have a detached ureter, but it can be successfully corrected.

Final Opinion

The prey drive in a Siberian Husky can cause problems for the eyes. It may cause a small white crystal to form in the eye. The crystals can affect the dog’s vision, and it is often best to avoid exposure to them until they have undergone surgery. Another condition that can lead to impaired vision is called corneal dystrophy. This is a hereditary disease that can affect a dog’s eyesight.

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