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How to make relocating for work a stress-free experience for your dog

After the upheaval of the last couple of years, it is not uncommon for people to have to relocate for work. This is because, unfortunately, many companies have closed down in the wake of the pandemic and you might have to move to find a job in your particular industry, or that requires your particular expertise. On the other hand, you might now work from home or have a job as a freelancer that does not require you to be in an office from 9 till 5, and you can use this opportunity to move somewhere out of the city and enjoy the country and fresh air for the first time in many years.

You have a lot to consider, and as a dedicated dog owner, you want to make them a priority and ensure the move is as slick and stress-free for them as it possibly can be. That will be especially important if your current residence is the only home they’ve ever known.

Getting them to your new home

First on the list is getting them to your new location with a minimum of fuss. From all the packing up of boxes and filling up bags with clothes you have been doing, they will already know something is going on and will already be anxious enough as it is. For that reason, you need to make sure that the move does not increase their anxiety anymore.

As you already have around 100 things to think about, you might consider putting dog transport in the hands of professionals and making sure your dog is taken care of by a pet taxi service that knows what they’re doing and not somebody who already probably has too much on their plate. It is never an easy decision to come to, but finding the right company could be much easier than you thought, and it could also be a great weight off your mind.

Working out new walking routes

Once the move has taken place, you can have fun working out where to walk your dog in this exciting new environment. If you have lived in a city for many years the smells and sounds will be completely different and a real feast for the senses of your dog.

You could spend some time researching the best places for country walks with all the new animal smells, or explore the local town, with some familiar smells as well as the tempting odors of any restaurants, cafes or food outlets you pass. Take the time to make sure your dog experiences all of the same benefits of you moving home and relocating as you do.

Booking them in with the local vets

You’ll have dozens of new services and utilities to get connected to your new home, and accounts to update with your new address details. One of the most important that can’t be overlooked will be registering your dog at the local vets. You will probably have a choice between one surgery and another, so doing some research online and looking at customer feedback will give you the best chance of ensuring put your dog is still in the best hands possible when they need it the most.

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