Matt Davies Harmony Communities Exposes Tips for Staying in Hotels with Cats


When traveling with your cat, you may be staying in a hotel or other rental property at some time. However, one-night hotel stays with a cat may be unpleasant if not carefully arranged. In addition, looking for cat-friendly hotels might be more complicated than it seems. Stay tuned as Matt Davies Harmony Communities gives tips for staying in a hotel with cats.

Tips For Staying in Hotels with Cats

  1. Check the Pet Regulations – Simply because a hotel’s site suggests it’s pet-friendly does not guarantee it accepts cats. Always check with the hotel or where you intend to stay to ensure that cats are permitted. The last thing you wish for is to arrive at your destination only to be denied since they do not accept cats. You can also inquire about any applicable pet costs.

Moreover, at several hotels, lodges, and other accommodations, pets are charged extra charges. Several are more costly than others, whereas others don’t charge additional fees. Discover what to anticipate before you reserve, so you are not caught off guard when the bill arrives before you check out.

  1. Examine the Space – Assess the room for something alarming or unsafe before allowing your cat out of its box. Search for mouse or bug traps, poison, medications spilt by a previous visitor, curtain strings, plants, breakables, and even ropes and wires. Moreover, examine behind the headboard, beneath the bed, and other furniture, among other places.

You must also acquaint yourself with each of the hiding locations. Cats are infamous for hiding in the most inconvenient places, so figure out where they are and shut them off if you do not want your cat to become stranded or disoriented in your hotel room.

  1. Make Your Cat’s Environment Pleasant – New settings and locations may stress cats, such as a hotel room. Making the environment resemble and feel like home can assist your cat feel calmer and at ease. Moreover, taking your cat’s favorite blanket and bed, as well as a scratcher and several toys, can help them feel at home. The scratcher will also prevent the kitten from damaging the hotel furnishings. Keep your cat’s carriers nearby so she has a secure hiding place if she requires it.
  2. Familiarize Your Cat with The Room – Like with any new circumstance, gradually expose your cat to its environment. Do not just let it out of the container and abandon it. Make an effort to introduce your cat to the room. Teach it what the litter box is, as well as its toys and beds. Also, allow it to gradually adjust to its home away from home on its terms.
  3. Place A Sign on Your Doorknob – After your cat has established itself comfortably, hang a “Do Not Disturb” notice on your exterior doorknob. You don’t wish a cleaner or anybody else to enter your room while you aren’t in there. Strangers cannot only frighten your cat, but they might also open the door and let your cat slip away.
  4. Take Care of Your Cat’s Waste – Housekeeping will tidy up your room once you check out. However, you must not leave a filthy litter box or waste for them. You do not wish to give hotels and other lodgings any reason to reconsider their cat-friendly policies. Furthermore, you certainly desire to do the opposite to encourage more rentals and hotels to accept cats. This is only possible if you are a careful and respectful visitor.


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, traveling with your cat must be enjoyable and rewarding, but it isn’t always simple. We hope that this information can help you the next time you visit a hotel with your cat. Moreover, there are many things to think about and take if you wish to be as ready as possible so that you may enjoy your trip with your kitty companion.

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