Mbappe is not the first to reject Real Madrid: list of stars

Francesco Totti

Totti is still a great football player. In the amateur league in Rome, he mocks goalkeepers on a small field with blows to nines. And many years ago, Real called the leader of Roma to his place. The footballer’s wife, Ilari, thought that her husband would agree, because the offer was financially profitable, and the main trophy with the Romans was the Scudetto, Totti had already won by that time. The first call from Madrid was in 2001, but the Italian refused. Follow the link and try bet UG now!

Five years later, Francesco won the World Cup with the national team, he was more experienced, but he had the strength for a new challenge. I was going to agree, but at the last moment I thought about my family, friends, Roma fans and stayed to devote my whole career to the Wolves. It is unlikely that Totti’s fans would be outraged by his move to Madrid – there is no club feud, but the decision has been made. The Italian is still a little sorry. What if he started playing, the family would like Spain, and dad and husband would win trophies?

Stephen Gerrard

This happened before Istanbul, when Gerrard was not sure that he could outgrow with Liverpool the level of fun UEFA Cup finals against Alaves. The Englishman did not always have a good relationship with the leadership of Liverpool – once it came to real negotiations with Chelsea, when there was a notch around a new contract. But Gerrard stayed every time until he chose Los Angeles in his old football years to sunbathe and run after the ball.

Stephen boasted that he refused Real Madrid, but here we need to remember the difficult relationship between the British and this club. Might not play like Woodgate or Owen. And he could not win the Champions League, because from 2002 to 2014, the “creamy” had a pause in the tournament. With his refusal, Gerrard not only retained the respect of Liverpool fans – in those days, Perez’s club was considered the main “money bag”, and they got this title before the appearance of a rich Chelsea, but also reached Istanbul, where he beat Milan in the famous final.

Gianluigi Buffon

On the eve of the World Cup in Germany, the Calciopoli scandal broke out. As a result, Juventus ended up in Serie B, and many of the stars of that squad decided to change clubs. But not Buffon. He went to the 2006 World Cup, won it with Totti, and then returned to Turin to endure another round of personal crisis. Buffon had enough psychological problems, because even after the unsuccessful Champions League final, he began to have panic attacks.

The goalkeeper treated depression for several years, it seemed to him that everyone around him was interested in his image of a tough football player, and not himself. Gianluigi received an invitation from the cynical Real Madrid at a time when he was not going to betray Juventus. The world did not see the battle of Buffon against Casillas in one composition, and the Italian saw Chagall’s painting “The Walk” in the museum and again felt the taste of life. He plays for Parma, does not shun work at the gates of the 12th team of Serie B.

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