Pets Are Humanizing

More pet owners are choosing to take in their furry friends than ever before. Increasing numbers of empty-nesters are adopting pets to fill the gap left by a baby’s death. Rising incomes have also contributed to an increase in households with more than one pet. And while this trend is largely positive, there are also increasing numbers of single person households and childless couples. According to research, having a pet is not only good for your health, but it can also promote outdoor activity, emotional development, and mental health. In addition, having a pet can even treat behavioral problems in children.

Pet humanization is part of the broader “pets as family” trend. With so many people treating their pets like kids, there is an increased demand for products and services that mirror the way they treat their own lives. The trend has even made pet foods and supplements similar to what we would purchase for ourselves. There are now gluten-free, superfruit-enriched, and organic pet food options. Luxury pet boarding is comparable to hotel rooms.

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Moreover, pet owners are becoming more discerning, with more than a quarter of them throwing birthday parties for their dogs. Some even opt to spend the same amount as they would spend on their own birthdays. As a result, the market for pet foods and treats is growing rapidly. Some of the trends that have helped make these brands more human-like include designer pet products, luxury boarding for pets, and human-grade dog food.

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