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Pets Understand Human Gestures Better Than Humans Do

A new study found that pets understand human gestures better than humans do. Puppies are much more likely to approach and make eye contact with people they don’t know. It’s not clear why these dogs have such an advanced understanding of human gestures, but their instincts and intelligence might have a lot to do with the results. Researchers say that the findings will be helpful to dog owners who are looking for a new way to communicate with their dogs.

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Studies have shown that some animals, such as dogs, are better at understanding humans than humans. One study showed that grey parrot Alex was able to speak 150 words in full sentences. Another study found that border collie Chaser was able to recognize 1,022 different toys. Other dogs, such as Koko, were able to learn about the names of objects by the age of eight. This shows that our pets have a superior ability to comprehend our messages than we do. You have to know about the most important info called autoflower growing schedules

Final Thought

Studies also revealed that dogs and wolves understand humans better than wolves do. The study included two bowls with treats in them. The researchers then pointed three times at one of them to see which contained the treat. It took about four weeks for the dogs to recognize which bowl contained the treat, whereas the wolves took much longer. The study also found that domesticated cats understand human gestures much better than wolves.

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