The 4 Main Reasons Your Puppy Bites and What to Do About It

A dog’s biting behaviour is usually unprovoked. As a puppy owner, you may be worried about your dog’s aggressive behavior. It’s important to understand what you can do to stop your puppy from biting. There are four main reasons for your puppy to bite: over-arousal, over-excitement, over-wanting and crazy behaviour.

Your puppy has spiky teeth that are extremely hard to remove. If your puppy starts biting you or another human, give them a high-pitched yelp. This should startle them enough to stop biting and stop mouthing you. Once your puppy stops biting, praise him or her and make the room “puppy proof.” You must not use the yelp more than three times within 15 minutes.

The first reason your puppy bites is because he or she is feeling frustrated. A puppy may be confused and frustrated if you do not respond immediately to their distress. It is very common for puppies to display their frustration by biting. However, this type of behavior is not obnoxious and is simply a result of confusion and lack of control. This is not the only reason for your puppy to bite; there are other reasons why your puppy might be over-stimulated.

Ending Line

If your puppy bites you, don’t let him bite you back. You should avoid any interaction with him or her. It is best to leave the room immediately after a bite. Close the door and wave your tug toy to your puppy. The puppy will get distracted by the tug toy, and this will distract him. As the dog learns not to bite humans, he will learn not to bite you.

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