The Good and Bad About Owning a Springador

The Springador is a cross between two different breeds of dogs, the springer and the collie. These are very intelligent and energetic dogs that make fun family pets. The Springador needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation, but will not suffer from separation anxiety. The only negative aspect of owning a pet Springador is that they aren’t suitable for everyone. You should expect to have to spend a lot of time training them and keeping them busy, but this breed of dog is worth the effort.

A Springador’s coat is medium to long, dense, and wavy. The coat is long and shiny and tends to shed less than most other breeds. Regular brushing is required to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. The Springador is a low-shedding breed, but it does shed some fur. You should prepare your home for cold weather by dressing in layers, and provide fresh water during summers when temperatures are high.

Final Thought

While a Springador is a good choice for a family pet, they are also not recommended for a family with small children. The breed is very active and can get boisterous at times. Young children may not enjoy spending time with a Springador, so it’s best to limit their time with them. The dog is not aggressive and doesn’t show signs of aggressiveness, but it will still protect your home and children.

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