The Rebarkable Dogs A Coonhound Called Lucy

If you’re looking for a dog with a lot of personality, check out The Rebarkable Dogs A Coondog Called Lucy. She’s a medium-sized hound with a gorgeous red coat and a pleading expression. When she’s on the hunt, she gives a sweet cry and will be a delight to have around. Because she’s so stubborn, Lucy may require lots of patience. She may be rescued from a shelter or rescue group.

This playful pup is a perfect companion for any family. The Black and Tan Coonhound is naturally very active and enjoys running. She was raised on a diet of split kibble and raw, but now gets blue buffalo mixed with raw in the evenings. She loves marrow bones, too. Her coat is short and dense, so she sheds a lot. She also has the characteristic “dog smell” due to the odor-causing oils in her fur.

In Last

The Rebarkable Dogs A Coonhorse has won many awards for her work with dogs, including best dog blog in 2021! In addition to winning several awards, Ali’s blog has won a variety of pet related categories, including the title of the world’s best pet blog. In addition to being a great companion, this breed of dog also enjoys a life of running and marrow bone marrow.

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