The Schnauser Family

The Schnauzer is a type of dog. The breed originated in Germany between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. The name derives from snout, which in German means “whiskered snout” or “moustache.” This is because of the Schnauzer’s bearded snout and bearded face. These dogs are known for their loyalty and friendly personality.

The Schnauser family was first found in the United States in 1920. There were 1 Schnauser family members living in New York at that time. The name was first used as a terrier in the United States, but it was classified as a working dog in Germany. The Schnauser dog was widely used as a guard dog before World War I. This breed is incredibly loyal to its owners.

The last name Schnauser was first found in England and Wales. In the United States, the name was most popular in New York. In 1920, there were 4 Schnauser families living in New York. Information on these families can be found in voter lists, census records, and other public documents. By looking through the records, you can learn more about your ancestors. There are about 20,000 records relating to the last name Schnauser in the USA.

Final Thought

The Standard Schnauzer is the most common breed in the U.S. The giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three. It was developed by crossbreeding the standard schnauzer with a variety of working dogs, including the black Great Dane. These dogs are large and can hunt well. They have also been used as a retriever on land and in water. They have been used extensively in police work in Germany.

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