What to consider when choosing a surveillance camera for dogs?

If you have a dog and you are worried that he spends a lot of time at home alone, a camera is a good solution. Thanks to it you will be able to see your pet, wherever you are, make sure it is okay, and reassure it with your voice.

In addition, many models of dog surveillance cameras incorporate a candy dispenser. Not only will this help you reward his good behavior, but it will make him feel like you’re close to him, despite the distance. A perfect way for both of you to be calmer.

If you are not sure what features to take into account when buying a camera for your dog, keep reading. In this article, we tell you everything the dog camera guide you need to know. So you can make an informed decision. Hope you like it!

What is a pet surveillance camera?

Although it may seem obvious, the first time we heard about a surveillance camera for dogs, it was not entirely clear to us what it was referring to. In case the same thing happens to you, I’ll try to explain it.

In short, it is a device that allows you to see and hear your dog at all times, wherever you are. To do this, this marvel of technology has:

  1. An emitter – the camera that captures the image of the dog. All the cameras we have selected have a microphone (so that you can also hear their barking and thus check their mood) and a speaker (so that your dog can hear your voice if you wish).

Some transmitters incorporate a device that launches sweets (or feed) so that you can reward your little one’s good behavior or entertain him during his hours of solitude.

  1. Wi-Fi connection – for the surveillance camera to show you what is happening in your home, you will need to have a wireless internet connection or, what is the same, Wi-Fi.
  2. Receiver – This is basically your mobile phone and an app developed by the company that made the dog camera you have decided to purchase.

Through this app (which you can download from the Apple Store, Play Store, or whatever your application store is) you will control the different variables of the camera: image, sound, and launch of prizes (if you have this option).

What to consider when buying surveillance cameras for dogs?

Treat or feed dispenser

If your dog is home alone and not misbehaving, it would be nice to reward him for his good behavior. Additionally, the ability to offer a treat can help distract a nervous dog suffering from, for example, separation anxiety.

They can also help reduce boredom and keep dogs that need regular stimulation entertained.

Some models include a treat dispenser, a feature that we think is very important. That is why almost all the models that we have included in this comparison of surveillance cameras for dogs have this function.

But you have to remember that, even if he loves them, abusing sweets is not a good idea. So, alternate the treats with grains of his favorite feed and avoid turning the prize into something harmful to his health.


It’s great to be able to see and hear your dog, but a dog camera is much better if it also allows you to communicate with your dog. Hearing your dog bark, cry or whine and not being able to reassure him with your voice is very frustrating.

It worked really well for us to calm down Dana when she was little and reduce her level of separation anxiety. But first, we had to make her understand where her voice came from and gradually get used to the camera. This step is essential if you want both you and your dog to enjoy this new experience.

However, remember that not all dogs are the same and there are some that can become frightened or even more anxious if they hear your voice and do not see you. Take several tests and find out what is best for your little one.

Bark detection

It is important that the camera is able to recognize the bark, moan or cry and send a notification to your phone. Doing so gives you an opportunity to communicate with your pet in that nervous moment and try to calm him down.

When he is calm, you can always offer him a treat for how well he has behaved. Never give him a tee treat to stop him from barking, as he will associate the prize with barking and these will get worse and worse.

The bark detection option comes in handy for those of you who live in an apartment. This type of device and the possibility of correcting the animal when it is barking will save you many problems with the neighbors.

Night vision

Night vision is very useful to keep seeing your pet in the dark.

Whether you’re out for dinner, late for work, or your dog prefers to be in a dark room, this feature of your surveillance camera will help you track his movements even when there’s no light.

It is not an essential function, but surely there will be more moments than you think in which it will come in handy. So, put to ask, if it does not represent much difference in price, better choose a camera model with night vision.

Ease of use

It’s great to have all these features, but dog cams aren’t very useful if they’re too complicated to set up or require lots of different accounts and apps to work.


How many members are in your family? Before buying a surveillance camera, make sure that everyone can connect to it simultaneously. Otherwise, it will be a real mess and there will end up being anger.

Also, if you have a multi-story house and decide to choose two or more cameras, don’t forget to check if they can be connected to the same app.

WARNING: All these devices work through a Wi-Fi network, so if you don’t have the internet at home (unlikely, but who knows), rule out buying a surveillance camera for your pet.

Design and size

For those of you who are serious about the decoration and aesthetics of your home, the design and size of the dog camera are also important to assess when choosing.

Think about where you want to put the camera and make sure its dimensions are adequate.

As for the design, there is not so much variety, but there are some that you will like more than others.


As always the price is an important factor, although it should not be decisive.

Dog cameras are not excessively expensive and if you decide to get one, consider other more important aspects first.

In the Comparative Table of surveillance devices for dogs, you will find cameras that range from your Budget and that have everything you need.

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