What to Do If Your Pet Is Hit by a Car

The first thing to do is contact the owner of the car. This is especially important if you have a pet that has been hit by a car. Many drivers don’t care about the animals that they run over and will not report the incident. This is also a good idea because the driver may not be responsible for the damage done to their vehicle. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact the owner as soon as possible.

If your pet is injured, immediately call the animal rescue to get help. If you have a dog, they will ask you to stay at the scene until they arrive. Then, they may advise you to check for identification tags on the dog. These tags will often include the owner’s phone number, name, and veterinarian’s contact information. If you are unable to find the owner, contact the animal rescue.

Final Touch

If the animal is unconscious, call the animal rescue. They will provide advice on what to do next. If you have a large dog, several people may be needed to move it. If you have multiple dogs, a blanket or towel can help you move the pet. Assess the injuries on your dog, and apply pressure to any bleeding wounds. If your pet is wearing an ID tag, contact the owner or vet immediately.

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