Wilder Harrier Adds Asian Carp to Its Dog Food

A new line of fish based dog foods is catching steam. The company has partnered with US fishermen to add Asian carp to their dog food formulas. While these fish are known for their large size, their small bones and hard skin make them difficult for dogs to digest. But ground Asian carp is a healthy and nutritious ingredient that dogs can easily digest. This new product is especially beneficial for dogs that have food allergies.

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The company has partnered with artisan fishermen in the Midwest to import 50 to 100 tons of these invasive species into the United States. They also plan to release the fish in Canada. In the meantime, they are working with fishermen to prevent the invasive species from reaching Canadian waters. For more information, visit their website. The company’s mission is to save the wildest lakes from the ravages of Asian carp.

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Currently, the company has plans to import between 50 and 100 tonnes of processed Asian carp from the Illinois River area over the next year. Their goal is to prevent the spread of these species to the North American waterways. In addition to its efforts to protect aquatic ecosystems, Wilder Harrier is working to keep these fish from invading native waters. They are also collaborating with fishermen in the U.S. to prevent the invasive species from entering their waters.

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