Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier has a short, stiff double coat that is twisted around itself. The breed has a prominent head, and is prone to eye infections. The dog is also prone to ear infections, which can cause an uncomfortable ear odor. A wired dog may also have a curly or crinkly coat. The ears of this dog are also large, but do not resemble a beard.

The Wire Fox Terrier is a sturdy breed with a short-backed head, an athletic build, and powerful legs. The breed has a high, squared appearance, and its gait derives the majority of its propulsion from its rear quarters. The carriage and expression of this breed are alert and keen. The dog has a short, thick coat that is a medium length and looks like coconut matting.

The Wire Fox Terrier is bold and confident, and if you fall on your guard or are careless, he can be aggressive. If you have young children, be sure to supervise the pets. A wired dog has a very high prey drive, and will need help to overcome it. This trait is a positive attribute of this breed, so make sure your child has enough playtime with it. A trained adult will be a great companion for your new pet.

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Despite its lively disposition and high energy level, the Wire Fox Terrier is a high-energy, independent dog with low boredom tolerance. They tend to get into mischief when left alone, but they make excellent pets if you keep them busy and active. This breed is very protective of its family and is very standoffish and aggressive with strangers. As a result, socialization is important. The Wire Fox Terrier should be socialized from the start.

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