How to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dog

As June approaches, so does Father’s Day, the time of year where we come together to celebrate all of our favorite father figures out there. And that includes puppy poppas too! Don’t feel left out this Father’s Day, and enjoy the day by celebrating with your canine companion. 

Show Off Your Dog Dad Swag

Let everyone around you know that you’re a proud pup parent by wearing clothing that showcases your dog dad status. Treat yourself to a fun piece of apparel, like a graphic tee or tie dye hoodie, featuring phrases like “rescue” or “dog dad” to let everyone you see on Father’s Day know how much you love your fur baby. Why not look great while you celebrate?

Go On An Extra Long (And Extra Fun) Father’s Day Walk

Sure, walks are probably your dog’s favorite part of the day (apart from treat time, that is), but you can make your Father’s Day walk extra special by spending extra time with your pup. Take your dog out for a longer walk than you usually would, or try a new route that you’ve been itching to check out. If you live in a warmer climate, you could take your dog to the beach to soak up the summer sun, or perhaps try out a hiking trail and take in a gorgeous view. Regardless of where you decide to go, your pup will be delighted to see some new sights, and to get to spend extra time with their favorite daddio! And while you’re out there, why not wear that dog-themed tie dye hoodie we mentioned above?

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Get Treats for Two

You deserve a treat just as much as your pup does on Father’s Day. Get yourself your fave pastry or dessert, and let your pup join in the fun by getting them their favorite sweet treat to nibble on too. You could even make it an outing by taking your furry friend to a dog bakery near you, where they’ll have treats specifically suited for its nutritional needs. As much as your German Shepherd might light a slice of German Chocolate cake, it’s best to leave the human foods (and the chocolate) to us humans! 

Get Yourself a Personalized Pup Present

One great way to show off your puppy love on Father’s Day is getting yourself a gift personalized with your dog on it! If you’re a coffee loving dad, get yourself a mug with your favorite picture of your pooch. Or, if you’re more of a wine lover, keep things classy with an etched wine glass of your four-legged friend’s face. If you’re looking for a more comforting option, you could also look into personalizing a pillow, or pair of socks, with your dog’s face or name on them. If you have more than one pet, the more the merrier – feel free to mix and match gifts to showcase all the members of your furry family. 

Prepare a Gourmet Doggy Dinner

Fun food is a Father’s Day fixture, and it can be for dogs too. While you and your family and friends are preparing a delicious dad’s day barbeque, treat your dog to a yummy and nutritious dinner of their own: instead of your normal kibble and wet food, perhaps try a new brand of organic dog food, or pick up some bites from a store that focuses on making fresh, take-home meals for dogs. Your pup is sure to enjoy its special Father’s Day feast!

Cuddle Up and Watch a Flick

What better way to end a long Father’s Day filled with fun walks, good food, and favorite treats than by cuddling up with your four-legged friend and watching a dog-centric flick? There are plenty of options to choose from: whether your dog is more of an Air Bud all-star or a mischievous Marmaduke, you’re bound to find a fun movie to watch with them. Pop some popcorn for you and put some extra kibble in a bowl for them, and cuddle up for a cozy movie night. Your pup will love the snuggles and seeing other dogs just like them on screen. Just be warned, if you put on Marley & Me, make sure you’ve got tissues on hand! 

Being a doggy daddy is one of the greatest joys in the world. You’ve nurtured your pup from first wags and walks into the amazing pooch it is today, so why not celebrate that? Enjoy Father’s Day this year with your dog by treating yourself to things you’ll both enjoy. Whether you’re off on a long walk in a comfy dog dad tie dye hoodie, or you’re cuddled up on the couch eating your fave treats, you’re bound to have a great Father’s Day with your canine companion by your side. How will you be celebrating Father’s Day with your dog this year?

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