Those Who Love Dogs Know Something About God

The Pope has said that “the creatures of God are not separated from each other.” Recently, he spoke about a paradise for animals. That makes sense. After all, God created animals to be a part of His world. But what about our beloved dogs? How can they share the love of God with us? Rabbi Scott White, of Congregation Ohev Sholom in Prairie Village, Kan., believes that animals have a soul that can connect with the Creator.

Dogs are animals of love and loyalty. They were created with dignity, which is reflected in the Hebrew word for dog: kelev. The root of the word kelev is kulo li, which means “all heart.” And the Hebrew name for dog is kilo – a description that echoes our feelings and actions. In Genesis 2:19-20, God commanded Adam and Eve to give all animals Hebrew names to honor them. The prophets were right. The Hebrew names of the animals in the world reflects God’s care for them.

In Conclusion

Dogs are part of God’s creation. And they will continue to play an important role when he restores everything. Those who love dogs are part of God’s creation. The Almighty created animals so that they would teach us about humility and to love the undefined. Therefore, we should also love animals. If you love a dog, you know something about God. It might not be easy to find out what He wants from you, but you can’t go wrong by loving a dog.

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